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We don’t  just design or make garments, we create values based from our African origins.  We do not mass produce thus making  our items Luxury ones through our own signature which is sophistication.”

If you are enquiring about our brands  It is either because you have heard about our craftsmanship.

The nature of handmade is to be imperfect and therein lies its beauty.  imperfection makes a garment one-of-a-kind and something to be treasured.

In an era of on-demand conveniences and mass-produced everything, it may be unpopular to point out that faster isn’t always better. In fact, when it comes to craftsmanship, faster is just…faster. And no one knows that better than us, the skilled tradesmen and women who hone their craft by hand, via the old-school methods that most definitely still matter.

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    Please note that  all our items are handmade in our own Atelier in Johannesburg, South Africa.